Wednesday, September 4, 2013

fireworks in Wyoming

Mark and his brother Lance

An old train the kids found.

Travel day. Can you see the joy?


Asher in the middle of four corners.

White water rafting with our guide Doug.

Cliff houses at Mesa Verde National Park.

A very serious moment.

Mommy and Noah doing an interpretive dance number.

Another Jr. Ranger moment.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Spent Friday thru Tuesday at a campground at mount Rushmore. The kids enjoyed the campground with all its many things to do. They especially enjoyed the jumping pillow. There were also two pools a water slide, mini golf and movie nights. There was an all you can eat pancake breakfast and Noah was sure he was going to break the record of 25. So close at 21. But he failed. He could have ridden that claim to fame for years. Plus he was no good for the rest of the day.
While at this campground, we visited the "heads" as Asher called them. Mark went back at night to see the lighting and said how beautiful it was. They put on an awesome performance that included all military veterans. We also went to the Crazy Horse Memorial. Most agreed that we liked it a bit better than Mt. Rushmore.The biggers went back to see a light show put on at the Crazy Horse. We enjoyed a day at the city of Rapid Springs. The kids are becoming quite the fans of buffalo burgers.
We spent the last day traveling to Denver. We are here for a few days visiting Marks brother and his family.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

It is Thursday 8-22-13. The days are quickly blending into each other. We are still in Montana. Seeing so many pictures of kids starting school, we decided to have a bit of education. We are at Custer's Last Stand Memorial Park. I think that was the name. Everyone else is asleep and noah and I can't seem capable of getting off our butts to find the paper. So lets say that is the name and nobody actually looks it up. So we tried to get the kids some education. Not sure if it stuck for any of them, But mark enjoyed himself. Traveling with the kids is getting tiring. Seems when I wasn't around, Asher tells Anthony his new name is bitch. Damn, i need to stop swearing in front of him. Jae can't seem to stay awake. Its like the van starting is like a lullaby for her and she is out. Unfortunatly that is when the fun begins for everyone else.
We all agree we do not like Montana much. I thought it would be cooler. Wrong. It is hot, muggy, and noisy with bugs. The bugs are crazy here. When we got to this campground, which is in the middle of nowhere, we noticed there ware many rabbits. Seems a few years ago a 4-h project went too well and the result is they have about 30-40 "wild" pet rabbits. They are everywhere. When the kids came back from chasing the rabbits, they noticed a police car patrolling the campground. Anthony starts freaking out cause he knows why they are here. He tells mark he found some "special" brownies that someone was trying to hide in a tree. They were with some empty beer bottles. Anthony insisted Mark needs to go see but not to touch the "evidence". Anthony was serious, so Mark went to look, seem someone put dog poo in a bag and stuck it up in the tree. Anthony thought it was brownies. hahahahahaha Not even sure how he knows about special brownies, just glad he didn't try to eat any.
We will finally be on our way to Mt Rushmore tomorrow. We plan on being there at least 4 nights. Not sure where to after that. Mark wanted me to put in that Asher and Kelly both received their Jr. Ranger Badges  for Yellowstone and Custer's Last Stand.
elijah selfie

Damn buffalo in Yellowstone.

They always find me when i try to escape!!!

Anthony insists he is "on fire". Not sure what he means, I think he is referring to 11 days of on-the-road food. (Notice the gun, Wyoming is an open carry any age state.)

One of the many fires in Yellowstone.

Getting a closer look at one of the hot springs.

Native American Veterns Memorial

Ranger happily giving Asher and Kelly their Jr. Ranger Badges.

Old school playing. 

Out of order picture. Notice Noah's thumb.

Another out of order picture. Mammoth Hot Springs. Looked nothing like its picture.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Just a quick update on our travels. We have been in Montana since Sunday evening. From here we go into Yellowstone Park. The last two days have been filled with sightseeing mostly from the van. I knew my kids were lazy, but they all prefer their nature from a window view. Old faithful was cool. Again we are struck by how many foreign visitors are at the national parks. Yellowstone is very beautiful, but very crowded.  After seeing bison for the tenth time, we were less impressed and kinda hoped they would charge some of  the idiots who get too close. Tuesday we went swimming at Boiling river. It is a place in the river where a hot spring enters and it was like a hot tub. We stayed there for a few hours. We ended the day by finding another swimming hole to ride the currents down river. Anthony was able to find a spot to do his flips. We enjoyed the second day much better.
The biggest issue we have had here in Yellowstone, is the many fires and smoke from the fires. The sulfer has also been a problem for some. Have to go we have six minutes to leave the campground. We will be on the road for the next day or two. On the way to Mt Rushmore.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Doing laundry and trying to get a quick blog entry. There will be no pictures since everyone who can help me is asleep. Will try to post some tomorrow.

Thursday we left Yosemite and went on our way to Lake Tahoe with a recommendation from a fellow camper. We had the gps programmed so we just follow what she said. The biggest mistake we made.Well two really. The first listening to a stranger, and than listening to the gps. We ended up on a road we had  no buiseness on. We had twists and turns that we were all sure the trailer was going over. There was even a part of the road that had no barrier of any kind, not even dirt, on both sides. Just a killing drop off. As mark is driving down the middle, another truck comes our way. I was terrified. The kids were great, I was a mess. They have been lax with their seat belts, and at one point I grabbed Marks arm and said "I'm scared." All you here from the back were four seat belts click. We of course survived, due largely to Marks driving. We did finally stop for a bit to see the lake, but we were all glad to leave lake Tahoe behind.

We drove the rest of Thursday and stayed at a rest stop for the night while in Nevada. We all agreed Nevada was not a place we would like to live. Their rest stops were not very nice. And it was very isolated and hot. We got into Idaho Friday afternoon and are staying in a campground until Sunday.

We love Idaho so far. Although there are many dairy farms, so the smell and flies have been some getting used to.  This morning, we went to the Perrine Bridge where they do base jumping. stayed and all agreed(except anthony) that it was something we would Never do. Went to see the shoshone falls and swam in a nearby lake for the rest of the day. The kids had a great time and Mark was even able to meet some young girls to act as a guide to help him jump off the rocks into the water. They showed him where to put his feet. I think he was very grateful for their help. A good time had by all. Ended the day with a meal at chick-fil-a. I have now ran out of quarters, so i get to lug my wet laundry back and finish tomorrow before we leave. We are on our way to Yellowstone tomorrow afternoon.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

This is the second blog entry for this day. Mark has lost the first one. I have to say the first one was a writing masterpiece. It was pure poetry. I think we all wept a little when reading it. I know the visuals from the writing was like reliving the day all over again. Even trying to write this sad excuse for a second blog makes my heart yearn for the my first perfection. Since I can't even attempt to recreate the first I will only say the following;
Went into Yosemite,
Stopped at a lake,
Even Noah went swimming,
Went to Olmstead Point,
Mini-melt down by Asher,
Walked on the John Muir trail,
Ate BBQ.
I am sorry for anyone who was not able to read the beauty of the first blog. Maybe this punishment on everyone will stop Mark from thinking he knows how to work ANY computer.

Contrary to the pictures, Noah is with us on this trip.